We, LTTC Group (referred to as “our group” below), lay down our privacy policy as those that follow. We have set up the system of private policy due to deepen understanding and carry out the importance of it to our all employees, hence furtherance of protection of personal information.

Administration for personal information

Our group maintains customers' information under the strict control with a safety measure. By means of it, we keep customers' personal information accurate and up –to-date. Besides that, we take necessary measures including maintain a security system, provide a proper administrative system and education of employ with intention of preventing illegal computer access, missing damaging data falsification. The propose of using customers' personal information is for sending e-mail or data, which makes contact with our customers or inform them of our services.

Prohibition on disclosing and providing the personal information to the third party

Our group appropriately manages the personal information provided by our customers. We do not disclose the personal information to the third party except in those cases below;

  • In the case of a customer's approval
  • In the case of disclosure the personal information to a trader whom we contract out in order to offer service that customer wish for.
  • In the case of that necessity to disclose the personal law based of the law.

Safety precaution for the personal information

Our group tries every means available for our security system to ensure accuracy and a degree of safety.

Customer's Identification Required

As a customer wish to inquire, modify or delete the personal information, we will respond to it after confirming the relevant customer's identification.

Compliance with all laws and ordinances, and other codes of conduct

Our group adheres to all the laws and ordinances, codes of conduct legislated in Japan concerning personal information in our possession. Moreover, we will reconsider and improve the contents of the privacy policy as demanded.


Pease contact us about managing the private policy of our group as the following;

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